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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to print my ticket and bring to door?
We recommend it in for speedy entry and in case there are any problems, but it is not required. If you have it handy on your smartphone, that works as well. All names of advance ticket holders will be on the list at the door.

What's the dress code for the Liberty Belle?
We celebrate the Fourth in vintage style, and we encourage our guests to do the same! Vintage & vintage-inspired cocktail looks from the 1920s-50s are encouraged, but not required. But please, men: no sneakers or shorts!

What if it rains?
We party rain or shine! Luckily THE DL has a retractable roof, plus the lower floors are enclosed
Since we can party despite weather, there are no refunds for rain.

Is there re-entry?
Yes. But we recommend you first speak to security... they have the final call if the venue is at capacity.

How's the view of the fireworks?
The venue does not have a view of the Macy's fireworks on the East River. There might be a partial view nearbye since the venue is on the Lower East Side. If a killer view of the fireworks is the most important part of your night, then this is probably not the party for you.

Is there a dance floor?
Our guests can be found cutting a rug all night throughout the venue. The 1st floor and Red Room have smooth wooden floors and are best for swing dancing. The rooftop has simulated wooden floors slats (for all weather) but are suprsingly good for dancing - Prohibition Productions has done many swing dances on the rootop and no complaints!

What time does the entertainment start and end?
The first band hits the stage around 5pm, and live music continues untill about 1:00am.
Our DJ plays untill about 2/2:30am. A full schedule will be posted soon..

Is there food?
YES - the venue is offering a special 4th of July menu.

What's the 4th of July?
Talk to our friend Mr. Wiki... he knows almost everything... Wikipedia!

I have another question... Who should I contact?
email - libertybellespectacular@gmail.com

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